About the Photographer

Paul Tsang was educated in the Bay Area majoring in Photography and Fine Arts and his scope of talent is wide-spread. He has directed his creative talents towards family portraiture and wedding photography for over 25 years.

During the last 10 years, as an animal lover, Paul has created some memorable, prize-winning pet portraits as well as delighting the many owners whose pet portraits he has done. He says, "Pets are family too!"

Paul's technical ability and his creative gift for the art of photography are matched by few. He is a natural at bringing out the warm qualities of his subjects and capturing those priceless expressions that make treasured photographs for years of enjoyment. This unique gift combined with his creative eye and feel for design, page layout, form and color, have earned him wide recognition in his field.

Paul Tsang's accomplishments include numerous awards, the most notable of which are: Kodak Gallery Elite and Kodak Gallery Award for Portrait, Fuji Masterpiece Award for Wedding Photography, Photographer of the Year - PPA and PPGBA, Best of Show in the Western States, First Place in the State of California, First Place in the Professional Photographer of the Bay Area, and Certified of Special Recognition in recognition of outstanding and invaluable service to the community, from a Member of U.S. Congress.

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